• Welcome to the website for the Maryville Heritage Museum located in Maryville, Illinois. Our museum is inside the old village hall/firehouse that was constructed in 1916. The museum is located at 128 East Zupan Street, one block off of highway 159. This page will be constantly changing, so keep checking back often.

    Maryville Heritage Museum and our 1958 Seagrave fire engine.

    The Maryville Heritage Museum is looking for a couple 12 volt hand lanterns from the 1960’s/70’s. We would like to have them mounted onto the 1958 Seagrave fire engine. If you have any old hand lanterns, similar to the pictures, please email us if you would like to donate them. Please email to: maryvilleheritagemuseum@gmail.com


    1. The next meeting of the Maryville Heritage Museum committee will be on Monday May 19, 2023 at 10:00AM, at the museum.
    2. The museum committee is looking for donations of any size working electric photo frames for use in the museum. We are also looking for small working DVD players. Contact us below if you have any to donate.
    3. The museum is looking for additional volunteers to join our committee. Volunteers are also needed to help to do online research. Please send us an email if you are interested.
    4. The museum is looking for older style 6volt battery lanterns. Pictures are above. Please email the museum if you have one to donate.
    5. The museum will be open on Saturday June 3rd and 17th this month. The museum is open from noon until 2:00PM.
    6. The museum is looking for any items of clothing made from old grain or feed sacks. We are particularly looking for any type of patterned clothing such as dresses, aprons, scarves.
    7. In July 2019 “The Friends of the Maryville Heritage Museum, Inc.” a 501c3 was formed to support and preserve the history of Maryville through the Maryville Heritage Museum by providing: Education to the community and local schools, Financial assistance through fundraising and donations and Initiating expansion, improvements, projects and special events. The “Friends of the Maryville Heritage Museum” sells museum t-shirts, ornaments and books and also provides a way for members of the community, businesses and organizations to make financial donations to support the Maryville Heritage Museum. Please email: friendsofthemhm@gmail.com for more information.

    In August 2022 the Maryville Heritage Museum began opening on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month. We will be open from 12:00PM until 2:00PM. The museum can also accommodate special requests for private tours, when possible. Please email: MaryvilleHeritageMuseum@gmail.com

Featured Museum Item

Each month we will feature items from the Maryville Heritage Museum collection. This month we are featuring some of the Maryville businesses no longer in operation.

These photographs are of items in the museum representing old Maryville businesses that are no longer in operation. The museum has a similar display in the Maryville administration building currently. We are always looking for old photographs, business cards, matchbooks, etc. from old businesses.
Schroeder Brothers Meat Market

The Maryville Heritage Museum has many photographs in the museum. Some photographs are often difficult to display in the museum for all to enjoy. We will be posting many of these photographs, depicting life growing up in Maryville on this page. The photos displayed will change from time to time. If you have any photographs to donate, or we can scan them for you, so you can keep your original, contact us below.

Leone’s Store
Cosmopolitan Bakery ticket book
Menu from Paco’s Mexican restaurant
Maryville Garage

Hrubetz building.

Southwestern Cable

Have something to donate, have a question or comment, or just want to contact the museum? Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you.

Correspondence should be mailed to:

Maryville Heritage Museum 2520 North Center, Maryville, IL 62062

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